Traveling Exhibits


For more information about these and other exhibitions available for rental from BCRI, call (205) 328-9696, ext. 218.

Paul R. Jones Collection

An exhibition of art pieces from the collection of Paul R. Jones. The art collector was nationally renowned for accumulating one of the largest and most comprehensive private holdings of works of African-American Artists. "Paul Jones has been...the sole provider of a reason why, at a critical moment, an artist decided to continue in the profession." -Dr. Amalia Amaki, Collection Curator Rental Fee: $12,000/eight weeks plus shipping Space Requirement: 1,500 square feet

Foot Soldiers: Profiles of Courage Then and Now

This commissioned exhibition by noted photographer (and Alabama native) Chester Higgins, Jr. features portraits of 32 individuals who participated in civil rights activities in Birmingham in the 1960s. The project is an extension of BCRI’s long-term relationships with both the veterans of the Birmingham Civil Rights Movement and photographer Chester Higgins. Rental Fee: $14,000/eight weeks plus shipping Space Requirement: 2,000 square feet

Courage Under Fire: The 1961 Burning of the Freedom Riders Bus

A photographic exhibition that documents violence perpetrated against the Freedom Riders outside Anniston, Alabama in the early 1960s. The exhibition of black and white photographs allows patrons a chance to reflect on the roles of violence, law enforcement and the press during the Freedom Rides of 1961. "Nonviolence can prevail over violence." -Jim Peck, Freedom Rider Rental Fee: $16,000/eight weeks plus shipping Space Requirement: 2,000 square feet

Remembering 4 Little Girls: A Gallery of Creative Expressions

An exhibition consisting of the submissions in a nationwide context sponsored by Home Box Office (HBO) in conjunction with release of the documentary "4 Little Girls,' directed by filmmaker Spike Lee. The pieces include poetry, essay entries, photographs and biographies of the selected winners. "We were able to transform crucifixion into a resurrection." -Rev. Jesse Jackson from "4 Little Girls" Rental Fee: $12,000/eight weeks plus shipping Space Requirement: 1,800 square feet

Selma-to-Montgomery: A March for the Right to Vote

An exhibition designed to educate the public about the legacy of Spider Martin, son of Alabama whose photographs of nonviolent direct action against injustice were seen around the world. The exhibition consists of 48 black and white images and interpretive material on the Selma to Montgomery March. "Spider... if it weren't for guys like you, it would have been nothing. The whole world saw your pictures. That's why the voting rights act was passed." -Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (1965) Rental Fee: $18,000/eight weeks plus shipping Space Requirement: 2,000 square feet

Elder Grace: The Nobility of Aging

Through the lens of his camera, celebrated New York Times photographer Chester Higgins, Jr. takes a look at more than 60 African-American men and women who found beauty within themselves and are experiencing aging with energy, wit, and grace. "In a culture bombarded with images of youth, maturity never looked so good." -Lyle Rexler, "The New York Times" (February 25, 2001) Rental Fee: $14,000/eight weeks plus shipping Space Requirement: 2,500 square feet