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Now more than ever we need you. We need you to help us lift our voice. With the ever-increasing awareness of present day civil and human rights in the wake of the murder of unarmed black citizens, the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute brings the legacy of the struggle for civil and human rights into modern-day focus.


The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute was founded to:

Enlighten each generation about civil and human rights

Explore our common past and

Work together in the present to build a better future.


Your donation helps the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute in:

  • Preserving and telling the Birmingham story for the struggle for civil rights
  • Being a good steward of archival and financial resources
  • Creating programs that encourage cultural awareness and engagement
  • Championing civil and human rights by facilitating an atmosphere of dialogue and understanding


What happened in Birmingham changed the world. This legacy ensures that the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute will honor those who put their lives on the line for the freedoms we all enjoy today. As stewards of our nation’s civil and human rights history, we know that individuals and communities can prevail. Today’s examples of courage in our communities can continue to inspire us to bring about change.


Thank you in advance for joining with us through your generous donation.