Men Of Change: Power. Truth. Triumph

Men Of Change: Power. Triumph. Truth.

The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute is proud to partner with the Birmingham Public Library Central Branch to share the Men of Change: Power. Triumph. Truth. exhibit.
The fine arts portion of the exhibit is on display in the Odessa Woolfolk Gallery inside the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute (BCRI), and the exhibition’s core content resides at the Birmingham Public Library Central Branch. 
Entry into the exhibit is free and now open through December 2nd at BCRI and the Public Library Central Branch. 
Men of Change: Power. Triumph. Truth. profiles the revolutionary men—including Muhammad Ali, James Baldwin, Ta-Nehisi Coates, W.E.B Du Bois, and Kendrick Lamar—whose journeys have altered the history and culture of the country. The achievements of the men are woven within the legacy and traditions of the African-American journey—achievements of excellence in spite of society’s barriers. 
Through literary and historic quotes, poetry, original works of art, dramatic photographs, and a dynamic space that encourages self-reflection, this innovative exhibition weaves together the historical and the contemporary to illuminate the importance of these men within the context of rich community traditions. It invites visitors to consider predominant narratives and engage in the authentic stories of history, politics, art, culture, and activism. Twenty-five contemporary artists were invited to reflect and celebrate the significance of these ground-breaking individuals through their own creative vision. These works of art serve as counterpoint to the sumptuously backlit photographs and inspiring quotes, and together honor the truth of the African American experience in history and today.
While these men made their mark in a variety of disciplines—politics, sports, science, entertainment, business, religion, and more—all understood the value of asserting their own agency by owning their own stories.
Men of Change was developed by the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service and made possible through the generous support of the Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services.
Entry Instructions
Entry into the exhibit is free.
To experience the exhibit, visit the BCRI ticket booth to receive a BCRI wristband. After viewing the fine arts, you can proceed to the library for the second portion of the exhibit. 
Please note the wristbands only grant access to the Men of Change exhibit. If you would also like to view our permanent galleries during your visit, please purchase a tour ticket on our page here.

One Experience -Two Venues

The Men of Change exhibit is being shown at two locations:   Birmingham Civil Rights Institute  520 16th St N. Birmingham, AL 35203 (205) 328-9696 Birmingham Public Library  2100 Park Place Birmingham, AL 35203 (205) 226-3600


Visit the ticket booth for a wristband.

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