Permanent Exhibits – Baq


For more information about these and other exhibitions available for rental from BCRI, call (205) 328-9696, ext. 218.

Barriers Gallery

See the actual 50s era podium, pews, and window of Movement churches in Birmingham.

Confrontations Gallery

Come face to face with terror as you see the cross and shovel used in a 1990s Huntsville, Alabama hate crime.

Movements Gallery

Visit the bars from behind which Dr. King pinned A Letter from a Birmingham Jail. Revisit the traumatic events on September 15, 1963 as you view the shards of glass remaining from the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing. See a nightstick confiscated from a Birmingham Fire Firefighter during the 1963 Children's Crusade.

Office of the Mayor

Go behind the desk of Birmingham's first Black Mayor, Richard Arrington. Peek inside at mementos of his administration.

Human Rights Gallery

Witness the power yielded by Birmingham Commissioner of Public Safety, Bull Connor's tank. Explore movements across the globe that were influenced by The American Movement for Civil Rights.

Procession Gallery

Join the movement as you walk among replica statues that depict the universality of the human condition.