In the dawn of a new decade, the rapidly widening scope of COVID-19 (coronavirus), has upended life as we know it in North America and across the planet.

In the midst of an unusual presidential election season, unprecedented economic success in the financial markets and increasing racial and social disparities among our diverse population, a battle to save the world’s population from unspeakable devastation is currently underway.  Issues related to human and civil rights are being tested in a crucible as never seen before in the history of the world.

 Capturing memory in such a time as this may help the community to examine and cope with the unimaginable reality facing people throughout the nation and across the world.

The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, which has a tradition of collecting oral histories about the experiences of activists and eyewitnesses to history here, is launching this intergenerational dialogue about our current circumstances to and the implications for our collective future.  The stories and data to be collected will be selectively shared with the community in real time and may form the nucleus of an exhibition to be curated and exhibited in the BCRI and beyond at a future date.


Call us directly and leave a voice message at (205)-703-0260.


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Share a video response via social media using the hashtag #WhenResilienceSpeaks.

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