Thank you to the Birmingham Committee for Truth & Reconciliation

Thanks to the Birmingham Truth and Reconciliation Committee, Dr. Angela Y. Davis experienced an incredible homecoming at the Boutwell Auditorium on Saturday.

Bravo to the organizers, an inter-generational coalition, who filled the void created when the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute became embroiled in a controversy about the 2018 Rev. Fred L. Shuttlesworth Human Rights Award.  The award to Dr. Davis was reinstated in mid-January by the BCRI Board of Directors, and her acceptance and a plan for presentation is still pending.  We are optimistic about the possibilities of future planning with Dr. Davis and the community in this regard.

As Dr. Davis mentioned during the sold out event, this is a ‘’teachable moment.” Indeed, the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute is committed to understanding the lessons learned from its recent experience and the far-reaching impact and implications locally and globally.

The community healing and restoration of confidence in our mission and practice is not a task that BCRI will achieve in isolation.  We invite the community to join with us in a dialogue and partnership to strengthen relationships citywide and to be more effective stewards of civil and human rights advocacy for present and future generations.

BCRI’s recent experience has revealed fault lines in our community that will require difficult conversations, mutual respect and proactive engagement by diverse groups. We are learning from this controversy and we urge you to participate in our efforts to promote healing and change.

Looking forward,

Andrea L. Taylor

President and CEO

Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

COVID-19 Update: BCRI will temporarily close beginning March 15 due to COVID-19.More Details