Selma-to-Montgomery: A March for the Right to Vote
Photographs by Spider Martin Photographer Spider Martin (1939 – 2003) was born in Wylam, an immigrant community outside Birmingham, Alabama.  At the age of twelve, he wrote, he was president of the Wylam branch of the Confederate States of America Club.  But before he reached the age of 25, he had helped to change the world through his photography.

Selma-to-Montgomery: A March for the Right to Vote has traveled to Washington, DC, Atlanta, New Orleans and Montgomery.  Through the generous support of Margaret Jemison, however, this original set of images is now part of BCRI’s permanent collection.  In 2006, Jemison made a gift to BCRI in memory of her mother, Marie Stokes Jemison, a Birmingham activist whose friendship wtih Spider Martin enriched her life and that of the Jemison family.  With her gift, BCRI purchased the photographs and exhibit materials.

48 black and white photographs (framed) and interpretive material


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August 31, 2017

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