Silence is not an option.

As a nation we find ourselves immersed in troubling times that are as unprecedented as they are familiar. While COVID-19 has challenged us all to consider a “new normal,” headlines from all over the nation force us to confront a very powerful “old normal”. The unfolding pandemic has exposed inequalities that are tragically reflected in the daily news.

As we are tested by the tragic events that have unfolded in Brunswick, Georgia to Louisville, Kentucky and most recently Minneapolis, Minnesota we add the names Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd to a painful roll of individuals who represent the result of the persistent scourge of racism in this country. The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute was created to examine the past effects of inequality in our history to help us learn from the mistakes of the past in an effort to chart a future that allows the United States to live up to the principles evidenced in her founding documents. We are committed to being the voice that informs and hopes to inspire those toward peace and justice.

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Marching on to Justice:

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