Birmingham Civil Rights Institute: Lesson Plans for K-12 students

Since its inception in November 1992, Birmingham Civil Rights Institute (BCRI) has focused on educating the public at-large about the Civil Rights Movement (CRM) in Birmingham and the rest of the country.  The Education Department at BCRI is dedicated to reaching individuals, young and old, from all backgrounds and cultural groups, to convey the importance of this Movement then and now.  BCRI has placed special emphasis on helping teachers to explain the Civil Rights Movement to their students. In 2013, BCRI updated its current curriculum guide, Making Connections, to expand the scope of Civil Rights Movement topics.  For example, some lesson plans include the history about the Black Panther Party’s founding in Lowndes County, Alabama; the significance of Albert Einstein’s anti-racism work; and the influence the CRM had on Cesar Chavez and the farm worker’s movement. Dr. Samantha Elliott Briggs, who has extensive background in Early Childhood Education, curriculum development and Gender Race and Class research, led BCRI’s curriculum update process and authored many of the new lesson plans.
  1. Kelly Ingram lessons and standards
  2. Foot soldiers lessons and standards
  3. 16th Street Church Bombing Lesson Plan Updated 7.7.16 (4)
  4. Foot soldiers lessons and standards
  5. A Change of Heart Lesson Plan with Standards
  6. Women of the Movement Updated Lesson Plan 7.8.16 (2)
  7. Farm Workers Rights Lesson Plan Updated 7.7.16 (2)
  8. Selma to Montgomery March Lesson Plan Updated 7.8.16 (2)
  9. Black Power in the Black Belt Lesson Plan Updated 7.13.16 (2)
  10. Shirley Chisholm Updated 8.30.16
  11. THE UNEQUAL RACE Updated 8.30.16
  12. Southern Christian Leadership Conference Updated 8.24.16 (1)
  13. Musical Maps Updated Lesson Plan 7.19.16 (1)
  14. City of St Jude Lesson Plan Updated 7.13.16
  15. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words Updated Lesson Plan 7.19.16 (1)
  16. Dear Nina Simone Updated lesson plan 7.20.16 (1)
  17. John Lewis Updated 8.30.16 (1)
  18. Lesson Plans Sweet Home Alabama (2)
  19. Martyrs of the Movement Updated 8.30.16 (1)
  20. Albert Einstein Lesson Plan Updated 7.13.16
  21. My Church is a Part of the Community Updated 8.23.16
  22. Jim Crow Laws Updated 8.30.16 (1)
  23. Community Messages Updated 8.30.16 (1)
  24. Selective Buying Campaign Lesson Plan Updated 7.7.16
  25. Paul Robeson Updated 8.30.16 (2)
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