The 2020 Campaign

Invest in the Future

Due to the rapid spread of COVID-19, the world as we know it is changing. There is literally no sector of our community and globally that has not been touched by the pandemic. Subsequently, out of a concern for prevention, safety and in response to recommendations to practice social distancing, the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute has been temporarily closed to the public indefinitely. All scheduled programs have been cancelled and our staff members are working remotely. As resources are being mobilized to address the massive layoffs and severe economic fallout, cultural institutions such as ours are developing strategies to ensure that we can manage our ongoing operational expenses and that we can fulfill our mission now and in the near future.

In February, we announced our 2020 Campaign which has a goal to raise $600,000 by the end of our current fiscal year, June 30, 2020. Unfortunately, we now find ourselves facing a devastating, unexpected reality as our earned income has now come to a screeching halt. We realize that many of our supporters are also struggling to address their own economic losses. We recognize that it is in times like these that our supporters can be more generous than ever.

Please consider making a financial gift to the Institute of any amount to help fill the revenue gaps that are increasing daily. As a steward of our nation’s civil and human rights history, we know that individuals and communities can prevail and the examples of courage in our community can continue to inspire us. Thank you in advance for your careful consideration and we hope that you and your family remain healthy and safe.



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COVID-19 Update: BCRI continues to be closed in effort to contain the spread of COVID-19.Donate